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Lectures at Beth Torah

Rabbi Richard Hidary

Three Conceptions of Sin, Three Paths to Atonement - 9/23/09


Lectures from The Center for Sephardic Heritage:

David Shasha

Patshegen Ha-ketab: History as Written Inscription in Megillat Esther - 3/11/09


Prof. Jose Faur

Introduction by David Shasha

The Horizontal Society

Q and A - Respondent David Shasha


Prof. Zvi Zohar

Introduction by David Shasha: Hakham Matloub Abadi - Levantine Humanist

Tragic Genius -- Hakham Matloub Abadi's creativity and self-portrayal as reflected in his Book Magen Ba'adi

Text Handout (PDF) - Given at Congregation Magen David of Bensonhurst - 8/27/07

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

"The Dignity of Difference" - 4/30/04


Lectures from Ohel David and Shelomo

Prof. Lawrence Schiffman

The Significance of Community from Ancient to Modern Times - 6/12/07


Prof. Marc Shapiro

Sephardic and Ashkenazic Approaches to Halakhah - 12/9/06


Lectures at the Sephardic Community Center:

Prof. Robert M. Shapiro (Brooklyn College)

Words from the Ashes: Secret Messages from the Sonderkommando at Auschwitz - Yom Hashoah 4/30/08


Prof. Steve Fine (Yeshiva University)

Where is the Menorah? - 4/1/08



Lectures by Merkaz:

Rabbi Marc Angel

Rambam and the Philosophers: What Reason Can and Cannot Attain - 12/22/07


Prof. Marc Shapiro

Rabbi Obadia Yosef and the Revival of Sephardic Halakha - 12/9/06


Prof. Moshe Halbertal

The Rambam's View of Ahabat Hashem - flyer - 11/19/02

Making Yourself Available to Forgive - 12/3/05


Rabbi Moshe Shamah

Understanding Midrash According to the Rambam - 3/22/04

Philosophic Ideas About Which Rambam Changed His Viewpoint - 3/29/04

Yom Kippur Prayers - 10/10/05


Prof. Sara Reguer

"Community - The Backbone of Continuity" - 2/5/03


Prof. Mervin Verbit

Shift to the Right: Reasons and Results - 4/12/05


Rabbi Ralph Tawil

The Views of Rabbi Yehudah Halevi, Rambam, and Ramban about the Land of Israel - 3/12/03


Joseph Mosseri

"Torah - Ancient Relic or Living Law: A Sephardic Rabbinical" - 4/2/03

Tashlikh - 9/27/03


Yom Hashoah Program 2003

Rabbi Nissim Elnecave - Introduction

Stella Levy - The Story of Her Survival

"Sephardic Jewry in the Holocaust" - 4/29/03


Yom Haasmaut Program 2007

Rabbi Natan Lopez Carzodo

Raphaella Segal - Deputy Mayor of Kedumim


Dr. Richard Tomback

What Every Jew Should Know About Islam - 1/3/05

Islam and the Jews in Antiquity - 1/10/05

Lashon haKodesh: An Overview of the History of the Hebrew Language - 5/17/05


Iran and Islam by Richard Tomback, part 1

Iran and Islam by Richard Tomback, part 2

Iran and Islam by Richard Tomback, part 3


Ronnie Benun

Tehillim class on 2/11/03

Tehillim class on 2/18/03


Professor Zvi Zohar - 10/31/04

The Role of Values and Outcome in the Halakhic Process: The Sephardic Approach

Handout in Word format


Professor Ya'akov Shwecka

Game Theory in the Talmud - 4/27/04

Click here to download the slides for this lecture in Word


Professor Ya'akov Speigel

Sephardic Hakhamim of 16th-18th Centuries: Works & Methodologies (In Hebrew) - 6/14/04


David Shasha

"Tradition in the Context of Modernity: An Introduction to the Book of Genesis" - part 1, part2 - 1/16/06


Dr. Sharon Flatto

Introduction to Kabbalah part 1 - 12/1/03

Introduction to Kabbalah part 2 - 12/15/03


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