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HH 2023 Seat Reservation

We are pleased to announce that we are selling seats for the upcoming 5784-2023 High Holidays. 
YRosh Hashanah    ראש השנה      Saturday & Sunday September 16 & 17, 2023
YYom Kippur             יום כפור        Sunday Evening September 24 & Monday September 25, 2023

Membership: $750 per family/head of household   
                        $400 for working singles under 25
Security Guard Sponsor: $300 per member family

Brooklyn High Holiday Minyanim
♦ Early Minyan 3rd Floor:  All seats $400 + $72 security fee per seat
♦ Main Sanctuary: All seats $400 + $72 security fee per seat
♦ Family Minyan 2nd Floor: All seats $300 per seat  + $72 security fee per seat
♦ Vatikin Minyan: All seats $300 + $72 security fee per seat

Families paying the annual $750 membership and annual $300 security fee will be credited back the per seat security fee for their immediate family members on their reservation.

All seat prices including Vatikin Minyan apply whether you attend  Rosh Hashanah only or  Yom Kippur only or both holidays. Attending another minyan in a non-reserved seat will be $100 extra. 

Membership and High Holiday revenues account for a major part of the synagogue's annual income. The functioning of the synagogue and its programs are dependent upon prompt payment of all pledges. If you have a prior unpaid balance, payment arrangements must be made before your reservation is accepted. Please respond promptly to ensure your seat preference.

For further information or assistance,please call our Brooklyn office at  718.998.8171 Ext. 0
Our best wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year. 


Membership Family -  $750
Membership for working singles under 25  - $400
Guest or Non member  - $100
$300 per member family
$400 plus $72 Security fee per seat
$400 plus $72 security fee per seat
$300 plus $72 security fee per seat
$300 plus $72 security fee per seat
Mon, April 15 2024 7 Nisan 5784